Monday, December 17, 2012

sketchbook 004

Super Grinch is here to do something and it might be good and it might be bad it just depends on where you are in the story.

The other day my wife and I were talking to our middle boy and he was quite certain he thought he knew more than the two of us about star wars. We talked it up to him and tried to tell him how he was incorrect. I quickly thought we should just ask his older brother as he is a self proclaimed genius and would be alble to settle the debate real easy. In the end we were wrong on one account and right on the other, and to sum it all up the middle boy asked a clarifying question about the movie series to which I responded that the order of events being asked about all depend on which order you watch the movies in. We all got a funny chuckle out of that one and quickly got back to life!

The body here had some reference help from another superman cartoon comic sketch from another great artists blog, the head was a fun one to draw as the family enjoyed another christmas holiday movie.

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