Saturday, December 15, 2012

sketch book 003

Here is some silly sketches from yet another page of the army lectures on something or other. If you really wanted to know I could tell you what most of this meant. I will admit that my visual note-taking here was not the best I have done. When I am focusing on good notes I will include some words. As you can see, no words here.

All this sketching here makes me more excited for some painting. I have a dozen or so paintings that I better get working on. I am at the stage of transfering the paintings to the boards that have already been prepared for the paint with two layers og gesso with a liberal amount of tactile texture.

I have been trying to spend a little time everyday watching a little tutorial on the youtube or from my classes I have purchased at and it gets me excited to do my own work, or it just keeps me motivated to keep going as I am working more and more each day to reach my own artist goals.

Keep working and stay motivated!

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