Friday, December 14, 2012

Sketch book 002

This is a total copy, a one off, a repeat of another sketch I saw. I couldn't help but try it out. The overall design of the piece is what drew me too it. I need to push my own style into the ones in the future. I don't draw noses at all like the one here, but I do have the general graphic nature that was used here and maybe that is what is drawing me into this sort of silly-ness.

My kids asked me if this was me and with my lack of creativity at the moment I told them it was what I looked like in college before I met their mother and she made me into the hunk I am today! We still got a chuckle out of the short description.

I am having fun with this sketchbook filling it with green drawings done with my four color pen. I have fallen in love with the four color pens and not only have I transformed my little herd into using four color pens (we almost all have a pen with our own names etched into the side) but I love when others at work notice I always have the pen with me. I tend not not mix the colors much unless it is really obvious that I need to add in another color. Like red in the eyes seems to be the go to for anger. With only blue, black, green and red, I don't have a ton of liberty and I am too comfortable with value and haven't forced myself into color enough. Some day.

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