Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excitment on the Horizon

Life is full of wonderful surprises and oportunities that just need our making them into those 'lucky' breaks that are so often spoken of after the fact!

I am trying to take advantage of the recovery time after my shoulder surgery and do some exciting things but I really forgot what it takes to recover physically from these things and then trying to stay level headed on the wonderful pain meds is another adventure in itself.

The image above is a little mixed media workbook I am working on. I took another book and am painting, taping, glueing, scratching and doing all sorts of stuff all over the pages and this is the cover. It will not be starwars themed but the cover just happened to move in this direction. I can't wait for more as I work on all the other little projects I have that I am working on! I love creation!