Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DirectDep's Mascot

One of the recent whiteboard explainer videos we produced at Wienot Films provided me a unique challenge. In addition to the regular storyboarding and final drawing of the whiteboard footage, I also had the challenging assignment of creating a cartoon mascot of sorts to represent the company. The company, DirectDep, provides a services connecting court reports doing depositions with attorneys who need them. I was thus charged with creating a fun mascot in the look of a stenograph machine. We affectionately called her Deppy.

We went through a few different versions of Deppy, getting feedback from the client throughout the design process. After narrowing the design to a specific look, I had to create two main versions: one with wings and one without them. We always want clients to be happy, so I even ended up producing different wing options to make sure we got everything just right. 

Another unique challenge of this video was creating a very stylized, more realistic look for the characters instead of something more cartoony. Our whiteboard characters are usually a bit more loose and less realistic in their style, making this video a fun challenge. At Wienot Films, we like to produce all kinds of whiteboard videos--from cartoony people to animals to toys to robots--so when I got the challenge to make the characters more realistic, it was a fun challenge. Plus at the end of the day, we always want the client to be happy. 

So with that introduction, here’s the final video:

For your next hand drawn whiteboard animation from Wienot Films, contact Marc and tell him Jim sent you. He’ll get you started on your next explainer video in style!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Explanatory video - Canon

One of our recent whiteboard video projects with Canon was a wonderful adventure. I always enjoy listening in to the early conference calls as the various representatives from Canon talk about what the new explainer video will depict and show. 

Wienot Films is dedicated to creating great stories and really crafting the perfect script for each clients' explanatory video. I personally don't deal a lot with the wording of the script but I do all I can to ensure that I put as much effort and perfection as I can into the drawings on the storyboard. This amazing attention to each word compels me to hone my own craft as I begin to work on the character development for each whiteboard animation. After I complete the initial round of character work I will start to draw out he general layout for each scene and the work of the sketch video is well underway. 

Usually when I receive a script and begin the early work, I begin with the characters. There is typically one main character, but in this particular Canon video, we used a whole family and depicted them on a safari vacation. ti is always fun to design a whole family, especially when I can use my own children as models for all the hand drawn characters. This video reminded me of similar situations on vacations with my own family. 

My favorite scene in the Canon series of videos has to be the family photo in which I had the chance to show how much fun we can . have when we want silly faces to remember the fun we have on our adventures and wild vacations. I took a little extra effort to have the dad do something I personally like to do that may or may not embarrass my children in the family photo. 

Here's the whiteboard animation we created. It talks about interchangeable lenses and different considerations to keep in mind when using them. I hope you enjoy the show!

If you want a similar whiteboard animation, get in touch with Marc over at Wienot Films. Tell him Jim sent you and we'll be sure to take good care of you!