Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indian in the Cupboard

This does not have much to do with the book Indian in the Cupboard but I did read the book and really liked it as a kid. Now as an adult I have enjoyed the illustrations of J C Leyendecker. I grabbed it out of a book a while ago, painted it a few whiles ago and thought now would be a great time to post it on the blog.

It was a fun one to paint. I like to take an older illustrators work and try my hands at a copy. I am trying to copy their composition, get a feel for their style as I practise control of my own tools and skills. It is a great exercise. I hope I did old J C proud or at least not embarrass him.

I should be framing it soon. I have been working on trying to reduce the price of my framing cost by first going to thrift stores and picking up good frames with lots of character there and now at a local hobby store they have a section of frames that were made for a custom job but for some reason the frame was not used. Often there is a defect in the material like a chip or scratch. I get excited cause I do some framing and can easily repair minor defaults. And they are usually selling them as fast as they can to keep product moving off the shelf. I have been pretty lucky here recent and hope to get this one settled into a new home. It just happens that the frame was one that my wife was not sold on, but due to a great price and Abe throwing a fit in the store, I did end up buying it. Now I need to take the frame apart and get it over to the apache art's center on Fort Hood to get it put back together in the right size!