Monday, October 29, 2012

Talking throgh the Terp

I don't know how perfect the interpretation can be but when you the interpretor is well trained and understands the intentions of what needs to be said it makes a difference.
I liked the different view points and varying sizes of the people in this compositon. I am excited to put some color on it, I will need to crop this one down a little but it needs to see some progress!


Taylor S Smith said...

These illustrations are awesome! I think it's cool how you can tell your stories through the images and write a little bit more about the experiences as well. Thank you for sharing and serving.

Jean Townsend said...

Hi James,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such an attentive and kind message. A bit of praise helps keep that flame lit for sure. I read down through your blog a bit and saw that you are wrestling with some bureaucratic problems in regard to your paintings...those problems are always out there somehow even when circumstances change. YOu just have to ignore them and keep on going as you have been doing. Do whatever you have to to keep working, because only then does the work improve.
Your command of the figure is very impressive! I like the qualities of line and value as the primary elements of your paintings. They are very strong and have a sort of masculine authority. Also your use of space is really wonderful -- your positioning of the figures in relation to each other and the sense that they inhabit real space. I like particularly the one of the two leaders sitting. The value range from light to dark was very clear and you got the just right body language with your line. Also, the ratio of form to empty space was just right, very compelling and yet restful -- like everything busy had just paused for a moment.
So keep on going!
And best of luck,