Monday, October 8, 2012

Calling in the Bomb

I had the esteem pleasure of working with and hanging out with the FST'ers for a time before the deployment. I wonder if I would have had a better... I know my experience in the army would have been completely different had I worked more with the this group of individual.
I have had this sketch hanging at the battalion area for quite some time and just the other day the individual that 'posed' for the reference shot asked me if he was really hanging up at the battalion conference room. I guess not everyone understood what could happen when you get a photo taken of you during a deployment.
I am getting excited for great and wonderful things to happen as I more forward with my carreer. What a wonderful adventure the army has been and no one knows if this roller coaster will ever end or how the ride comes to a complete stop. Just remember to keep all arms and hands inside the ride at all times and hold on tight and scream through the drops!

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