Friday, April 20, 2012

This was a fun little project. I had recieved a commision at just the wrong time. It was a fun little idea that I wanted to fancy up. The original sketch was fine for what it needed to do for its purpose but for the sketch here I wanted to do more. I had to change a couple of things and the coat of arms was an actual coat of arms from Italy. I don't remember where from and I am sure it would be easy to find on the internet. The individual that asked for the work has some lineage back in Italy if I remember.

The best part of this little project was that he asked me to draw it and I thought I was doing it as a commissioned work but he was leaving at the time and there may have been a few other gifts to him and I think he thought it was a gift due to the timing I was giving it to him. I never did get paid on the job but it was a donation with a frame that was not all there and I didn't like the surface I was working on as it didn't take real well to the wet media I used. It was a fun project, I am still learning new things and having a great time doing it.

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