Monday, April 16, 2012

Side Tracked!

I am posting some items that I have helped my wife create. Although she is taking full credit for them I feel like it will be a good explanation of what I have been doing that has kept me from doing the painting that I love to do. We contracted out the embroidery here but the assembly was done in house. It was a wonderful experience. As you can see the really fancy ones were for officers and are the final product that will be given to the officers as they leave. The red and white one is the prototype that was made and without any certainty that it would be given to anyone I put my name on it so I am now the only lower enlisted dude to get a banner. Although I am not leaving any time soon, I was awarded my banner. I am more than willing to get one made for you if you want, the individual that did the embroidery is happy to make a buck. My wife doesn't charge too much to put it all together so if you are interested you will have to let her know!

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