Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gabriel Iglesias... the fluffy?

This was a pretty cool little situation. After finishing painting the walls I was given the suggestion of maybe having the super stars that come to Kuwait, and Camp Buehring sign them. I chose the final wall for the Stars to sign. The walls were a bit of a timeline and this one was the final wall and sort of representing today.

It was really neat to meet Gabriel Iglesias and the other comics he brought with him. I have seen their faces on different advertisements in department stores as I walk by the media section but to see them in real life is always a treat.

Gabriel and his troup were the second group of celebrities to have signed the wall, there was a first group...

Funny story with the first group that signed the wall. There was another volunteer at the USO at the time that was a little star struck with the idea of any celebrities coming at all and to be so close, I think she lost her head a little. She was almost hanging on the first group to come through, Daughtry. The band members even made a complaint or it may have just been the looks they made when she was around them that was noticed by the USO staff members but all the volunteers were asked to try and stay back a little for the next meet and great (there were a couple different ones to accommodate all the different soldiers wanting to meet them). During the second meet and greet for the photo shoot, we were going to ask the group to sign the wall, they were going to be the first. I was really excited due to the fact that both my wife and I knew who Daughtry were and we had seen American Idol to sort of see some background on one of the band members. I was going to get my photo with the group right after they signed the wall as a bit of a memorabilia and everything was going smoothly till the before mentioned volunteer threw herself into the group just as they were finishing signing the wall making a big groupie, flirty, teeny-bopper type attitude .... steeling my chance to take a picture. The staff were very embarrassed, I was a little disappointed and now best of all, I have a great sob story to tell. It wasn't really that big of a deal and I still have this great photo with Gabriel.

I wonder who else has signed the wall... Has the tradition continued... What is happening to the 'walls of Camp Buehring'?

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