Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eagle Scouts and Blue & Gold

The Blue and Gold banquet was great. The spegetti was cooked and with several varieties of various preperation methods I was pleased. I did the usual technique of getting a few plates for the smaller kids and spitting it up between them. They don't always like this but I end up with more food myself.

As for the painting, I wanted a little something to show off and do a little advertisement. I think it ended up being pretty cool.

While working on it, I did some thinking about the scouting program. The cub scout begins his journey working with others and learning to work as a team. He learns his oath of helping a pack to go and the pack will help him to grow. Most all the activities involve participation in a group setting, with family or in the 'pack'.  Once the boy becomes old enogh for Boy Scouts he begins a new process of working to lead others more than be lead. He is given opportunities to be soley responsible for different things. The scout is given leadership roles and tries on the task of leading others to accomplish the goals of scouting. While the cub scout learns to be part of a group just like the wolf cub learns to play, hunt and live in a pack; the boy scout begins to learn to lead and work alone to accomplish goals just as the eagle flies alone. The skills from working in goups as the boy scout maintains an interpersonal relationship with those he works with and the boy becomes a man through hard work and his efforts to excell.

The painting was a fun idea. I wanted to have the flag for the back ground as it is very important to scouting (each country in which the boy does scouting will learn a responsibility to be a productive member of his society), the scouting emblem is full of symbolism. The eagle that normally is a symbol on the scout emblem was taken off for this piece and painted realistic to show the power and magesty of that symbol.


William said...

Great job James. How long have you been working on this. Were you requested to do the work or was it a volunteer. It was when you were in cub scouts earning the artist badge that I realized you were talented well above average. Mother knows best!
p.s. this is mom on dad's computer.

Mike and Pam said...

Not an art critic, not sure what you could improve. I love the thought that went into the painting. I particularly like the eagle. What a great thought to have Cubs realize they are on the road to Eagle and with the power that comes from that also comes great responsibility. Would love to see this one in person