Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A man for all seasons!

I was given just enough free range to have a lot of fun showing the big man having some off season fun in the sun. I needed to show his wife and with some suggestions from friends and family I settled on this idea. I will say that this was the funnest illustration up to date and can't wait to get some more assignments like this one.


Ang said...

I saw the link to your blog on your family blog so I had to check it out. Wow James! I had no idea you were so talented. You have so much variation in your work. I'd love to see more -- keep posting!

Vonnie said...

Kathy said hi. She noticed you had posted on her blog. Not sure she knows how to find you though. I'll let you pass on that information.

Will said...

Surf on Santa dude....keep up the good work!