Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back to School Whiteboard Animation

It is an exciting time of year as kids are preparing with new clothes and ‘educational’ electronics. The elementary kids get to fill their new book bags with lots of shiny school supplies and everyone waits with anticipation to see who the new teacher will be for home room and find out how much school work they might be able to get out of in chemistry class.

For parents, it is a bit of a break for school to start, don’t get me wrong. We parents will be busy bussing kids back and forth to school, the science project due at the end of the first semester has to start this week planting seeds, and sack lunches don’t make themselves. But after a summer of keeping the next generation of leaders entertained and busy during the past summer, the school year is a welcomed break. Even if the school year brings work and worry, there is a moment of reprieve to which parents look forward.

The team at Wienot Films wanted to make this fun whiteboard animation to honor you. We recognize the hard work parents do both during the school year getting their middle school band students to that odd timed performance and all the hours of entertaining, carpooling, and care-taking during the summer months with swimming lessons, play days at the water park or skate park. We hope that after the kids get into class you can take a moment to yourself or maybe enjoy a cool beverage with a friend. But don’t take too long, you have the early pick up duty in the carpool this week. Good Luck and enjoy the show!

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