Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing with shape...

I was able to acquire the scarecrow shapes for a mere nickel a piece and thought that a boring craft style tole painting approach just would not due, so I stylized them and will be using watercolor to brighten them up.

After having so much fun with them, I went back to the store and for not much over a quarter each I picked up a few other shapes and with the challenge of altering them interior design as much away from what the apparent exterior or cut out shape may appear to be I am coming up with as much of an original design as I can.

Keep in mind that I have been listening to some various podcasts and youtube videos that suggest that we are not as original as we think we are as we observe so much of life around us and other artists in and outside our field of labor that being original is simply taking the experiences and observations we have accumulated and arranging them in new or interesting ways. That is some of what I am trying to do here.

With the exception of the scarecrows, these are all the studies for the actual wooden shapes that will be drawn on with the fine tip ball point pen and then watercolored to add a bling of color!

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