Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting Money

I have had this idea of painting my own money, or at least some imaginative bills of my own. This one was a lot of fun. I had a few tubes of paint and I let the paint direct my color pallet. Not something I normally do but this was going to just be a fun exercise.

I had a pre-textured board that I had brought with me to Iraq and with a few neon colors and a couple of colors that are less exciting I got busy. The sketching was completed in a day and with a quick transfer of idea I got busy. I tried to keep with some basic principles of light against dark, bright against muted and either turn the form or not turn the form, was if decorative or was it something that needed to pop. It really was fun and didn't take too long at all. Kept me busy on something productive in my down time.

The board was measured to fit a frame that I purchased at a thrift store. This project measured 12" by 24", a pretty good size for the design. It has been fun for me to pick up old and less than ideal frames that have been discarded by others. I have gained some inspiration and been able to frame some paintings of mine for quite a discount.

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