Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great people, bad fotographer!

This was the original photo from which the inspiration came, he is a one in a million hero to us all!

I cropted it and made it as large as I could!

I love the shorts and foot gear he is wearing here due to the fact that... well we all know how he feels about shorts and flip-flops!

Trying to get some better detail on facial features, don't know if it helped too much, but it is a cleaner foto!

I love to use family members as models cause they cost the least, the only down side is that I don't think they like being used as models for a variety of reasons. I saw this style of caricature and thought grandpa would be an excellent subject. I am not sure if I was able to pull it off but it was a lot of fun to create. The photos are ones that do not lend themselves well to this drawing because of the lack of detail but I did the best I could. I was able to get a little help from Erin as I had first drawn Gramps with two right feet and had to move some toes around to make it more anatomically correct. She is a wonderful blessing in my life in ever possible way.

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