Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Willy Nilly Hilly Billy!

I am beginning to feel more confident with the paint and what I can do with it. I would like to continue to experiment with more techniques and always work on getting better. This was an illustration for class where we were given a short phrase to illustrate. I finished it for class realizing that the last 20 percent of a painting requires 80 percent of the work on the piece. I still need to put in a few hours on this one, maybe you can help me to get those final touches!


Aaron said...

i remeber hearing about this topic from others who were taking wills class. sounds crazy, this painting is dope pride my friend. just finish this succka!

W Hoopes said...

Good job, i can relate to this piece.

Austin said...

I like your site james, keep posting new content. the more often you post the more often the bots will recognize your site and the higher you'll be in the future (were talking months).